Aug 23, 2018

CEO Spotlight Series | Dune Medical Devices’ CEO Lori Chmura

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According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, about 25 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer that have a lumpectomy, will have to undergo surgery more than once, because the initial surgery did not remove all of the cancerous tissue.  Alpharetta-based Dune Medical Devices has pioneered a technology called Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy to identify cancerous tissue in real time, enabling a surgeon to check for ‘clean margins’ in the operating room rather than having to wait for pathology results.

As CEO of Dune Medical Devices, Lori Chmura is committed to making the company’s MarginProbe device part of the standard of care for lumpectomies. By meeting with patients, physicians, the FDA and advocacy groups, Chmura is taking strides to educate healthcare providers and patients on this technological innovation that is shaping the industry.

Chmura, who started out as critical care ICU nurse, recognized the need for change and remains dedicated to driving such opportunities. “My passion is really healthcare. I discovered early on that I can help people through learning, through some of the things I’ve done,” shares Chmura. “I am able to help people in terms of a medical perspective and from a psychosocial perspective. I’m passionate about ensuring if there is an opportunity to change something, I’m going to get behind it.”

Alpharetta, home to Dune Medical Devices, provides a number of opportunities for Dune Medical Devices to help grow its technology community. In addition, the city’s tech-friendly environment plays a vital role when seeking out talent in the healthcare industry.

“We felt it was important to be in an environment where we had access to great talent, great ecosystem and infrastructure,” Chmura says.  “As well as being in the company of some of the big players in town of medical devices and healthcare.”


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