Oct 25, 2017

Alpharetta CEO Spotlight Series | Craig Ganssle of Camp3

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Artificial intelligence. Cloud computing. Wireless infrastructures.

These are just a few of the innovations that Craig Ganssle oversees as founder and CEO of CAMP3, the definitive source for large-scale environments seeking secure, customizable wireless ecosystems. Based in Alpharetta for more than 10 years, CAMP3 is also home to an emerging innovative business unit, which develops cloud solutions that leverage AI, machine learning and deep learning in a single dynamic solution.

“We’re doing things and pushing the envelope of what really hasn’t been done before,” Ganssle says.

His typical day is spent examining the direction of CAMP3 and figuring out how it can help other businesses. While the company is today best known for providing wireless solutions across a wide spectrum of verticals – including mixed-use buildings, warehouses, campuses and hotels – CAMP3 (formerly known as Basecamp Networks) also develops powerful products like intelliSCOUT, the world’s first cloud-based automated machine learning platform for agriculture.

Most of Ganssle’s employees are from Alpharetta, meaning CAMP3 is creating jobs in the area. Being headquartered in the City of Alpharetta, he says, offers plenty of key advantages. For one thing, it gives CAMP3 access to hundreds of other tech companies in the area, as well as booster organizations likes GATN (which Ganssle praises for its role in spurring tech growth around the city).

Additionally, Alpharetta provides tech companies the best of both worlds: While it’s close enough to Atlanta to tap into resources like its universities, Alpharetta offers its own ecosystem of tech companies (not to mention a major relief from congested urban highways).

As Ganssle plots CAMP3’s expansion, he is also welcoming a new surge of interest in intelliSCOUT. The product was recently named a participant with Glass Enterprise Edition, the business-oriented version of what is known as Google Glass. As Ganssle charts his company’s course forward, he foresees continuing to push the boundaries of innovative technology – and doing it in Alpharetta.

“It’s a great city, where a lot of us live, work and play,” he says, “and so our technology focus is on just that – live, work and play.”

Craig Ganssle will the featured presenter at GATN’s November Speaker Series event. Join us Thursday, Nov 9 for Craig’s presentaiton on AI, Machine Learning, And Your Company’s Bottom Line. Register today!


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