Nov 23, 2016

Many Things to Be Thankful for in 2016

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2016 has been quite a year for GATN, and in between the turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, we have many things to be thankful for. First and foremost, we are grateful for the enthusiasm and support of our members and our local tech community, which have grown GATN into the local tech organization of choice for North Fulton and South Forsyth. Conner Ford, GATN Board member and Co-Founder behind Spirit App LLC., says, “I’m thankful for the wonderful connections forged through GATN and the numerous opportunities it has provided.”

Not only have we engaged, unified, and advocated for the Greater Alpharetta technology community, but our organization collectively has been motivated, challenged, and inspired to foster growth throughout our industries. Board member Amy Hill, VP of the Digital Content Studio at Scientific Games, Lottery Group, states, “I am thankful for a wonderful board that is focused on continuing the mission to support technology companies and professionals in the Alpharetta area while providing more education, thought leadership, and networking opportunities.”

Some of GATN’s key accomplishments this year have been: StartUp Fast Pitches with ATDC, featuring Greater Alpharetta and Atlanta tech startups pitching to Coca-Cola on retail tech innovations; our local tech thought leader speakers Mike Potts of Lancope/CISCO, and Steve Beason of Scientific Games, that have shared their invaluable knowledge and experience; and expansion of GATN’s CEO Forum for our local tech CEOs.

“I am thankful for marketing technology platforms like Mail Chimp that allow us to tap into our GATN members and gauge their feedback on our organization, so we can continue to improve and create the best tech forum in Greater Alpharetta,” Sarah Tourville, GATN Secretary and CEO of Media Frenzy Global, expressed.

GATN is also grateful for Pitch Present and Strategic Messaging programs by EchelonCommunicate, Member Mixers, and Thirsty Thursday gatherings with the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce.

Some of our other board members have also shared what they are thankful for personally and professionally this season.

GATN President Karen Cashion reveals that she is grateful for our Greater Alpharetta tech community and for tech innovators who relish thinking outside of the box, while Bill Leonard is thankful for the impact Avalon is having on drawing new technology companies to the Alpharetta area.

Susan O’Dwyer is thankful for the privilege of connecting executives with the various resources and solutions they need to grow their tech companies. She is also grateful to God for His many blessings, including living in a free country, her family, and health, while Nathan Ottinger gives thanks for the opportunity to earn the title of Dad each and every day.

Carl Davis reveals, “I am grateful for having the opportunity to work my way through college at the Georgia Institute of Technology and my way through Emory Law School while supporting my wife and two children. I am grateful for the idea of liberty and freedom found in the United States.”

Chris Frain echoes this sentiment, stating that, “I am thankful for the cultural behavior in America of volunteerism and charitable giving. Americans help each other, not because we are compelled to do so, but rather, because we do so “freely” and sincerely from the heart. Maybe this attitude is pervasive in America because of an inherent gratitude born from the knowledge that each of us had been blessed to live here and make our journey through life in this, the greatest country on Earth.” He adds, “It is inspiring to witness and be a part of varying groups that unite behind singular objectives and pursue them to improve their fellow citizens’ condition in life.”

Thanksgiving reminds us that there are many things to be thankful for, including family, friends, happiness, partnerships, and collective goals. As a collaborative group, we have enjoyed watching our efforts produce results for your businesses, and we look forward to fostering relationships and growth in the community for many years to come.


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