Jul 10, 2018

Spotlight Series | Optima Healthcare Solutions’ CIO Jason James

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The digital age in which we live has shaped rapid advancements in medical technology. This means more people are getting care outside of the hospital, whether it be in home health care or other forms of rehab facilities or outpatient therapy clinics.

As CIO of Optima Healthcare Solutions, the leading provider of cloud-based software for post-acute care providers, Jason James spends his days seeking out initiatives around IT support. This includes operations, compliance and security, infrastructure and DevOps all while empowering the entire operations of the business.

“From our clients to our internal organizations, we’re focused on the tech empowerment of the business,” James says.

Optima Healthcare Solutions’ mission is to expand the post-acute care continuum with therapy, home health and hospice software designed to improve the experience of aging. The company, which has a presence in Alpharetta, supports more than 10,000 sites with 50,000+ users, caring for over 1.8 million patients every year.

“For me, there’s so many exciting things we work on,” shares James. “We can talk about DevOps, we can talk about the cloud, we can talk about AI, but at the heart of it all, it’s our people, and for me, the most exciting part is to create those next generation leaders.”

In addition, James has implemented initiatives such as Mentorship Monday. A program dedicated to fostering growth and development of young innovators in the business.

Alpharetta is an attractive market to the tech sector. As the home to more than 640 technology companies, the city has earned its reputation for being the Technology City of the South. Not only is it less than an hour from the world’s busiest airport, keeping clients in close reach, but Alpharetta’s tech-friendly environment is a key attribute when recruiting employees.

“A significant opportunity that arose here in Alpharetta was the incredible talent pool. Partly driven by education, you have Georgia State, Georgia Tech, Emory and Kennesaw,” James adds. “These schools are creating the next-generation leaders that make great candidates to bring into our company.”

Optima Healthcare Solutions is building an award-winning team, and shaping the technological growth of Alpharetta.


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