Tech Alpharetta’s

Women’s Forum

Announcing The Tech Alpharetta Women’s Forum


Tech Alpharetta is excited to announce the launch of its Women’s Forum. The goal of the Women’s Forum is to advance opportunities for female executives and entrepreneurs working in STEM careers, by offering networking, educational and mentoring events in our local community. There are over 900 technology companies in the Greater Alpharetta corridor, and our Women’s Forum was created to bring together the area’s many talented women in STEM careers, convenient to where they work or live.

Beginning in fall 2019, we will be holding monthly Women’s Forum networking and speaker events at Tech Alpharetta’s Innovation Center in Alpharetta. These events will be open to tech execs, tech entrepreneurs, and tech professionals. If you are interested in joining our Tech Alpharetta Women’s Forum or receiving information about Women’s Forum events, please contact Emily Metallo at or at 404.433.5398.

Summer 2019 Update: Our Women’s Forum’s Advisory Board and Charter Members have been meeting frequently to plan our Women’s Forum launch. More information coming soon!

Women’s Forum Advisory Board


Laura Wysong
CEO and Founder
Tranzhalo, Inc.


Karen Cashion
Tech Alpharetta


Sunita Arora
VP Customer Success
Athena Health


Karyn Mullins
President, Healthcare Staffing Technologies
Jackson Healthcare


Emily Metallo
Vice President
Espy Data


Terrie O’Hanlon
Global Marketing Officer


Cheryl King
CFO Advisory Services